Textiles: A Touch of Texture

As a Designer, I, Jeanne am always looking for new ways to explore texture and style but also be realistic. I love the feel of fabrics and ways to use them. Especially with dyes. I love natural dyes and shibori techniques. I often look at the Textile Art Center’s blog for inspiration because I love what they are doing in the field of Textiles in NYC. Here are some interesting photos I have found that inspire me to want to go and explore more in the world of textiles. The idea of using textiles to decorate your apartment or home fascinates me as well. Look at how neat a room can look with a touch of texture.






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All images arent my own. They are from Textile Arts Center blog.



Check out Alicia’s work and shop it over at:
































Corinne and Molly Fashion Show

BackĀ  in March of this year (2014), we presented our first ever collection at The Art Insitute of Charleston in Charleston, SC.

Here are some photos from the event:

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