Ice Cream Social: Blogger Event in Charleston

RutledgeSocialBloggereventSo excited to be attending this event in the next few weeks!! Check out the event page on facebook and come join and mingle on September 13th 2-6pm.



Click to attend the event put on by my friend, Alden:



Fall Inspiration: Clean Cut

My name is Jeanne and people for years have asked me, especially in fashion school, if my name is french and is pronounced “John”. I found it hilarious, as i am french but not off the boat french. My relatives long ago were french and my bloods french but i dont speak a word of it.


Of course, I get inspired by the minimalist styles and color palettes the french have exposed the world to for years. I have gathered some images for inspiration and maybe perhaps to use for a future collection. I love designing with crazy prints in easy shapes but i do love a good strong structured minimalist jacket or dress. What are your thoughts on these looks? Would you wear them? Do you think Corinne and Molly would work with these looks if we drew from them?


Image from Marie Claire Magazine. Pinterest

Love this outfit!


At Corinne and Molly Clothing, we are sooo excited to be part of something so great! I am talking about this upcoming fashion show in October in Columbia, SC and we couldn’t be more proud nor happier to be part of such a HUGE event in the south!

 Check out the site for all the official details and also buy tickets to support The Walker Foundation as well as our brand of Clothing. We will be showcasing a great collection inspired by the Ocean. It is a part of our life here in the south, living in Charleston makes you live at the beach most days that we arent at work. Therefore, keep an eye out on all things coming up and support a great show and cause!

 Click this link to get all the info on stars and sponsors and also dont forget to buy your tickets to see our latest collection!

 We are also featured on their official website! So proud and honored!


SO EXCITED TO BE PART OF SOMETHING SO GREAT! Support Corinne and Molly and support a wonderful event October 2nd.

Textiles: A Touch of Texture

As a Designer, I, Jeanne am always looking for new ways to explore texture and style but also be realistic. I love the feel of fabrics and ways to use them. Especially with dyes. I love natural dyes and shibori techniques. I often look at the Textile Art Center’s blog for inspiration because I love what they are doing in the field of Textiles in NYC. Here are some interesting photos I have found that inspire me to want to go and explore more in the world of textiles. The idea of using textiles to decorate your apartment or home fascinates me as well. Look at how neat a room can look with a touch of texture.






1114b815fa170623-AliciaScardetta_TributaryWallHanging-664x1024 PageImage-509110-3869236-8small-682x1024

All images arent my own. They are from Textile Arts Center blog.



Check out Alicia’s work and shop it over at: